Sukkot 2017


16 Aug Sukkot 2017

Why do we go to Israel?

During last few years God clearly led us to the place where we pray for revival in our country and in Israel. Since our first trip in 2008 we have experienced supernatural Gods action. God led us to the place where hunger and desire of hearts create an atmosphere taking down Gods kingdom to Earth. During Sukkot we traveled together with polish musicians to Jerusalem to bow down before the King and release, in prophetic way, blessing of revival upon our country. During this time, in Kalisz,  musicians, intercessors, leaders with prophetic and apostolic anointing, representatives of 12 European  nations and Israel bowed down before King. Our deepest desire was to worship God in the center of Europe, to release apostolic service into a new dimension of power, authority and wisdom and to establish, among signs and wonders, Gods authority in cities and countries.

This parallel worship in Kalisz and Jerusalem was flowing to Gods throne for 7 days, 24 hours per day. The worship teams changed every two hours.

It was a wonderful time! Worship and praise to God was flowing without any break, and in both places of worship one could sense Gods presence. Everyone worshiped God in their own way – by dance, music, word…

This connection of professional musicians with those who sing just in their homes created a blend, which God managed wonderfully. It is He, who took out what is precious in us. He gave us the taste of something impossible to describe, something that we miss. He gave the words, sounds. He inspired…. He gave us wonderful joy and certainty that He will do what He promised.

We believe that this vision is a part of greater work of God in Europe. The work that will lead the Church to rise in true life, authority and power. We believe that this vision was not just for one year, but it is Gods plan and His long-term strategy.

We believe that we should bow down to the King, God of hosts, and worship Him again, during Feast of Tabernacles, in Jerusalem and in Kalisz.

Last year God told us to bring young people to Jerusalem, to lead them to the place of their calling and execution of Gods plan for them, to change the way we see Israel and above all to meet with Gods Glory.

Date of Sukkot 2017  04.10-11.10

If you want to be a part in this event in Jerusalem or in Kalisz, we invite you to register on our website.


Crucial information:


Flight, accommodation and meals – on your own

Registration fee – 100$ – it includes the rent for the room of prayer and worship in Jerusalem

If you are looking for accommodation, this is the address of Israel prayer tower: 34 Ben Yehuda Street, 20th Floor Jerusalem



We invite everyone to participate in 24/7 worship and in meetings organized in Kalisz during the feast of tabernacles. One of our guests is dr John Fisher (you can read more about him here: We encourage worship teams to lead worship sessions (you can sign in for this in your registration form or via email –


Registration fee for 1 day – 25 PLN

Registration fee for whole week – 100 PLN

Dinner – 30 PLN

Accommodation – on your own

Please mark proper options in registration form.

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